All Things Saxophone DVD

Taught by Joey Berkley

Cool School Video

$19.99-24.99 (inc shipping)

Includes 16 pages of printable PDF files, play-along practice tracks.

About This Product

Study sax with a top level pro. Joey Berkley has over 30 years of professional performing and teaching experience and has studied with such luminaries as Joe Allard, Jerry Bergonzi and Eddie Daniels. This DVD is 1 hour and 40 minutes of expert instruction on sound and tonal development, how to practice, developing speed and finger dexterity, modern improvisation techniques on dominant and minor chords, the all important II-7 V7 Imaj7 progression and more. 16 pages of PDF printout files for all of Joey’s lessons are included. There are also practice tracks included to help you master your new techniques. This disc is a MUST for saxophonists at all levels of development.