I offer private instruction on Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Jazz Improvisation. Lessons take place at my studio in Westchester NY. 
All ages and all levels of ability are welcome…


Regardless of your ability level and/or musical style I will always stress fundamentals on your instrument.

  • Sound (Timbre & intonation): Embouchure; Long-Tones/Over-Tones.
  • Finger technique (Clean & Even): Mechanisms; Repetition/Muscle Memory
  • Reading (Precision & Independence): Rhythm vs Melody; Skilled Mistakes

Jazz Improvisation:

Learning to improvise is a language skill with rules of grammar and vocabulary. Having a “conversation” requires being fluent with these rules, the ability to listen and having something to say. Freedom through discipline.

  • Chord/Scale Theory: Basic Chord Types w/extensions. All modes (Major/Mel. Minor Scales); Diminished & Whole Tone & Harm. Minor etc…Vertical & Linear patterns. Controlling tension/release.
  • Harmonic Progressions: Understanding and maneuvering through common chord progressions. Voice-leading & “Money Notes”
  • Transcribing: Writing out Jazz Master’s solos. Applying lines (“stealing”)
  • Repertoire: Songs you’re expected to know (w/o music)
  • Rhythm: Number 1. Period! Using rhythm to create variety. Controlling tension/release.

Using Skype, it is now possible for me to provide instruction for students worldwide…

So whether you live in New Zealand, Canada, England or Argentina, we can work together in a “private lesson” customized to fit your particular needs, from beginners trying to get a first sound to advanced students working on complex music.

Joey Berkley “All Things Saxophone” DVD

Schedule Your Lesson:

Introductory Rate of $30.00 (USD) for the first half hour session
Payments accepted through PayPal only in advance of lessons

Standard Rates for all Lessons:

$65.00 (USD) for 30 minutes
$75.00 (USD) for 45 minutes
$85.00 (USD) for one hour

Please Contact Me to schedule your lesson.